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how to host your website or web applications for free

Before you start building a website or web application itis very important to decide how you want to share it with the world. The type of technologies you work with determines where and how you are going to hostyour website. In this post I’m going to be showing you how to host your website orweb applications for free with your custom domains.


To create a descent website you will need to work withfront-end technologies like:

·        React Js,

·        Angular Js,

·        Vue Js,

·        or with just html, css and javascript

Whichever front-end technology you decide to use does notreally affect the type of hosting you want to use. Using frameworks likewordpress, joomla or drupal requires some special hosting packages.


The type of back-end technology you use is mostdefinitely going to affect how and where you are going to host your website or web application.Most people choose PHP because of the ease of hosting. Most shared hosting have PHP already installed, so it makes it more appealing to web developers, but youstill get to pay for it.

When I first embarked on building a web application I decideto use JSP (Java Server Pages) on the back-end and I ended up not hosting itbecause the cost of hosting it was enormous. I finally came across a technologythat has made hosting my web applications very easy.


Firebase was originally created by Firebase Inc. in 2011but it was later acquired by Google in 2014. Firebase takes care of most thebackend work for you so you don’t need to worry about configuring servers foryour web applications or mobile apps. The good thing about firebase is that it isfree to start. Firebase offers products like:

·        Hosting

·        Database (Realtime database and cloud firestore)

·        Authentication

·        Storage

·        Cloud Functions

·        Cloud Messaging

and so much more, you can visit read about all products. The fact that I could build a web application and host it for free really excited me. I built my ecommerce store using firebaseand it was awesome. You can check it out here It is very easy to use and they have a full documentation on how to use it ontheir site, visit more details.


Over the coming weeks I will be posting more tutorials onhow to use the different products on Firebase. I hope this article gave youmore insight on how to host a website or web application for free. Don’t hesitateto leave a comment if you need more support.